Three Seconds to Win! When Sport Was Honest (USSR-USA Gold Basketball, 1972 Olympics)

I wonder if the Grecian Olympics were athletic competitions between Grecian States. But competitions between political entities, whatever they are, seem to have been politicized. Politics is trying to make sense of illusion. There are art, science, commerce. Athletics would seem to be art. Trying to prove that one system of government is better than another is like trying to prove that one game is better than another. The Divine Maharishi often said that “Democracy is the worst form of government that has been tried on earth”. And He said that “Divine Monarchy is the ideal form of government”. And lest one think that ideal is not practical, I want to let you know that nothing could be farther from the truth. The ideal is the only thing that will produce the desired results. Less than ideal will always be less than practical. The means are the end in the making. If you try to create a statue from iron, it will rust. Gold only will be of value in the field of values. There was a time when it was generally believed that, “It isn’t whether you win or lose, but how you play the game that counts”. Those who participate in any game who don’t know the truth of that principle, will only suffer from playing the game. Those who know the truth of that principle, know that games are art forms and how can one fail if one does one’s best. Why do we keep score, then? I haven’t thought about it. Ask me next time we meet.

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Warning! You may be shocked and may not believe your eyes at what you’ll see below. It may even turn your entire perception upside down, but keep reading!

Recently we’ve discussed what the sport has turned into in the past 20 or so years: REPORT: Dirty Geopolitics of Olympics and Globalism – Will Russia Say NO and Start Alternative Games? In that report, of December 18, 2017, I said ‘Big sport, simply put, equals the following: big money, big business and big showbiz‘. There is no fairness and no hope of justice in sport at this time in our common reality. Pretty depressing, right?

For someone who grew up with the old ideals of sport it’s hard to watch the mockery and a farce it has become. But I really wanted to have something positive and hopeful with which to #Jumpstart2018, and I found this gem.

True, there may be…

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Fast Karma? US Olympic committee child sex abuse ring cover-up exposed

“Competition is for the competent.”–Maharishi The U.S should not compete until it is a competent country. We should close all of our embassies and recall all of our diplomats. We should not spread our contagion.

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Breaking news, sorry this has to be said before the Holiday — but it must be said. So, it turns out US Olympic committee covered up for years child abuse against girls, sometimes as young as 11 years of age, and paid off said girls and their consenting parents large amounts in exchange for promise to keep quiet and help cover up sex abuse in US Olympic sport.

Overall so far 150 girls came out with this. You’ll see in the vid below that one of them says, ‘I don’t want to be telling the court that I was penetrated by the doctor when I was 11 right in front of my mother.’

One of the most prominent victims who also apparently agreed to help cover it up for years in exchange for a rich payout is US gymnastics Olympic champion Mckayla Maroney. Her quote is equally telling, ‘I got…

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Stop embarrassing yourself, Boris! (UK’s Boris Johnson visits Lavrov in Moscow)

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I just thought it was hilarious how poor UK’s Foreign Sec Boris Johnson kept squirming, trying to find his way out of his previous ugly comments, when he put his foot in his mouth on more than one occasion. Just stop embarrassing yourself, Boris!

Lavrov – Johnson joint press conference excerpts:

Johnson: Russia meddled in UK referendum, but was unsuccessful, admit it Sergey!

Lavrov: Of course, Russia was not successful. Nothing happens when no one meddles. One won’t succeed if one doesn’t meddle (applause and laughter from the audience).

Lavrov: If Boris doesn’t contradict everything I say, his reputation in the UK will be ruined.

Johnson recently infamously compared Russia to Sparta — per him, undemocratic, closed, militant and totalitarian; the West, UK and US, in Johnson’s version of reality, are like Athens, democratic, open, peaceful and wonderful. When a journalist asked whether he stands by that statement, look at…

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