Forbidden History: Russian Truth Code and Goddess Lada, the First Lady

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Finally, we are able to delve further into one of the reader most requested topics, FORBIDDEN vs. TRUE HISTORY & LINGUISTICS. This report is a continuation of one of FuturisTrendcast’s most popular articles: Forbidden History: Are Scandinavians Slavs?

Over the past 3 years many have asked me about the meaning and mystery of my name. Some of my astute readers have figured it out on their own. This is evident when some of you call me ‘Lady Lada.’ 😉

Today, I want to tell you the whole story…

Goddess Lada2

Goddess Lada – Russian painting

The ancient Russian Vedic Goddess Lada is often depicted with white swans or white doves. Lada is very powerful and her Earthly responsibilities are many. She is in charge of such uplifting things as: spring and summer, sun, harmony and balance, goodness, friendship and good will, love and happy marriage, overcoming obstacles, smooth sailing, positivity and good…

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What, you didn’t like the truth about Trump?

I’m one of your supporters, because you’re one of mine. I don’t fill out surveys. Please tell us what us think is useful. As you have been doing. Thanks. Love to you and yours, Lada. Please keep up the good work!

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So… as of this moment, I see just one solitary LIKE under my post published three hours ago: Will Trump really manage to improve relations with Russia? I actually wrote that post on January 11, 2017, in response to a reader question. However, it sat in draft ever since, and it felt like a good idea to publish it today, as a follow up to Lada Ray Webinar 1 on Trump.

The post above reiterated my predictions from 10/2016, voiced in EARTH SHIFT REPORT 16: US ELECTIONS & WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER. These predictions and analysis were again expanded on and taken much further in the most recent LRW1: WILL TRUMP SURVIVE HIS FIRST TERM. I actually outlined step-by-step how Trump and his people would be put in a ‘straight jacket.’

Just barely a couple of hours after I published Will Trump really manage to improve relations with Russia? , I…

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For those interested, the Executive Order on Refugees is now up on the WhiteHouse website…

Thank you for this post, Kauilapele.

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trump_eo_regarding_immigration_header_1The document finally showed up on the WH EO page. I was going to just post a link, but this has turned out to be a full post, as I was going through the text, looking for a highlight or two. Below I put a few from the document that stood out to me.

I know that at some time in the planet’s timeline there will be NO borders, NO immigration anything for anywhere, NO “banning” of anyone from anywhere. I have many many many comrades who come from other countries, and the idea of them “having to leave” I would never want. Nor is anything like that in this document, from what I saw. On top of which, we all know this whole “terrorism” deal is such a created paradigm to try to keeps the planet in fear. Most people I know see right through it. But that is…

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Beautiful Moscow 2017: Mesmerizing New Year and Christmas Wonderland

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Just some beautiful videos of the New Year’s and Russian Christmas Moscow I thought you’d all enjoy.

I truly, without any doubt, can say that Moscow for New Year Holidays turns into a unique and gorgeous wonderland you won’t experience anywhere else on the planet. Absolutely nothing comes close! Highly recommended for your next journey!

Video #2 is Central Universal Store decor 2017:

‘Musical Forest’ grew on Pushkinskaya Square:

The Light Tunnel on Tverskoy Boulevard:


One more time!


Back to serious stuff tomorrow. Major announcements to follow! Stay tuned!


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CBS Sacramento 1-27-17… “Court Rules Against Monsanto, Allows California To Put Cancer Warning On Roundup”

A sign of rising collective consciousness.

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monsanto_not_7This is a potentially great step in Californians’ attempt to get “carcinogen” attached to Roundup products. I’m very “sad” (not) that “the labels would have immediate financial consequences for the company [and] many consumers would see the labels and stop buying Roundup“. All I personally have to say about that is, “Too bad”.

All these chemical corporation giant companies are going down because of their own disregard for humanity. I suggest the head office (Reptilian?) executives wake up and realize their time for poisoning humanity is coming to an end. And have their urine checked, because they’ve likely got it in their own bodies (see this prior Kp blog post) (and this is the real “Pee-gate”).

“California can require Monsanto to label its popular weed-killer Roundup as a possible cancer threat despite an insistence from the chemical giant that it poses no risk to people, a judge…

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